Our Mission is to be the industry leader in technical training by offering a variety of skill-oriented training programs in intermodal and industrial crane operation, and dedicated apprentice programs, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity.


When Considering Training...

Whether you are managing a small single machine yard or numerous machines in multiple facilities, the development of your field service talent pipeline is paramount. Our innovative & flexible learning solutions equip you for success.


As a pillar in the material handling community, the focus of Mi-Jack Products on service to our customers has grown to include more than equipment sales & services. With the completion of the John J. Lanigan, Sr. Training Academy we continue to honor our commitment to our customers by providing the highest level of technical training possible.


Technology's expanding reach is turning all technicians into technology professionals and troubleshooting experts. Going beyond the traditional topics and focus, our training is based on equipment, people, and procedures. We exist to address the total skills profile of field service professionals.


Sustainable, scalable, repeatable IMPACT-with minimal disruption. Since 1954, organizations large and small around the world have come to us.


By providing access to subject matter experts, delivering authorized and industry-leading instruction through multiple formats, we set the stage for your success by reducing skill gaps. You'll also see impacts in on-boarding and employee retention through improved skills and higher job satisfaction.


This is all driven by a level of quality we set for ourselves. We believe in consistency and maintain rigorous in-house standards, so you receive an exceptional training experience anywhere in the world. Only a dedicated learning organization specializing in more than one or two topics can deliver this level of impact - and we're prepared to provide it to you.



Performance Enhancements of Better Trained Employees...


More Productive

Employees are major assets of any organization. The active role they play towards a company's success cannot be underestimated. Training increases their job knowledge, which means less errors and more satisfaction while performing at a higher level. It also prepares them for a rapidly evolving work environment, honing their problem solving skills, thereby enabling creative approaches to their daily challenges. Last but not least, training can also provide a career roadmap and help the company to establish a dialog regarding mutual expectations and goals.


More Independent in the Field

Despite an increasingly interconnected world, field service professionals often can't rely on immediate assistance and access to remote knowledge. The better trained they are, the better they are at performing diagnostic and corrective procedures without subject matter experts' intervention. This potentially multiplies their effectiveness by both reducing the frequency of base/headquarters calls and providing quicker turnaround of field cases.