Mi-Jack’s Applied Technologies Division uses leading technology to enhance material handling operations worldwide. From locating containers in marine and intermodal terminals to managing the handling of precast concrete, the proven products from Mi-Jack® provide solutions to the material handling industry...

Mi-Star® is an integrated system of hardware and
individual software modules designed to monitor and
manage yard equipment
using today’s latest advances
in communication technology.

At the heart of the Mi-Star® system is an on-board computer capable of monitoring, collecting and transmitting data related to machine condition, position, and operational status. The Mi-Star® system gathers information from a variety of sources and then sends this information to a network server. The complete Mi-Star® system can provide real-time remote monitoring and reporting of your entire yard operation.

  • AccuSteer® is a sophisticated navigation system based on today's leading Differential GPS technology integrated with a state-of-the-art inertial Navigation system.
  • AccuStack® inventory management system utilizes GPS technology to manage product location and retrieval.
  • AccuView® remote access management system enables managers to log in and monitor total yard operations through the use of a real-time graphical facility.
  • AccuFleet™ is a fleet management and equipment status software application that allows the user to see real-time data related to vehicle condition, availability and maintenance status.
  • Optical Character Recognition System (OCR) is designed to accurately read and recognize truck license plates, container letters, numbers and markings.
  • Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) automatically identifies a tractor at the time of container latch.
  • Container ANTI-Collision Trolley Lock Out prevents container collision by using lasers to accurately measure distance
  • Large Object Recognition identifies large objects in the crane path, provides operator warnings and will prevent the crane from colliding.